Christmas Chop Suey Cradle

Ho ho ho.. Christmas is here and this Foodie Santa has a cradleful of Chopsuey options for you fellow foodies here.. 🎅

Chopsuey in Cantonese Chinese means ‘tsaap sui’ or ‘mixed bits’ and it is a Cantonese Chinese-style dish of meat stewed/fried with a varied kinds of vegetables, especially bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, and onions, and served with rice or fried noodles.


Fishy Mash Up

A simplest 10 minutes fish recipe today.. A spin off on a popular Thai version – Indianized in my humble kitchen.. 🙂

Cheesy Chick

If you dig cheese, and/or love an Italian flavour burst in your mouth you’ll love this one!

Sesame Street Delight

A delicious spinoff from the traditional Indian mutton curry, Sesame Street Delight is what I named this one. White sesame seeds are not a regular ingredient for red meat dishes in this side of the globe. Yet when it’s blended with the other regular Indian spices it adds out a fine and subtle layer to the flavours.

Crouton Carton

Un trés Bon matin!

We all worry almost daily over what new breakfast ideas we can churn out of our drowsy-in-the-morning or rushing-for-work kitchen. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it has to be the right balance between healthy and energetic and tasty enough to not get your mood and taste buds marred early in the morning, making you crave binge food for the rest of the day.
So here’s a tasty and healthy new recipe to jump-start your day. Easy to cook and not much time consuming.


It’s a spinoff from the traditional Turkish veg pilaf. I love herbs, hence upped their variety and quantity while doing away with some other glutinous ingredients. Easy to cook, especially if you’re in a hurry and can’t afford time for a full course meal. This can be eaten simply with a yoghurt sauce as side dish.

Green Eye Rolls

Cabbage rolls are something you must have often seen, heard of or even devoured. But in an era of complicating the simple, I believe in simplifying the complex without compromising on the quality.